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Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011

buku karanganku

this is the first day for moslem in boekittinggi to ceremonial independent of moslem or indonesia says lebaran..
lebaran is most imprtan for or moslem in the world ,not only fort indonesia moslem.
and now i"am feel very forein or un usual wiht my condition right now, lebaran only like reguler holliday ,not like feeling oher people where all people feel very-very happynes wiht the ceremonial , scedul  to sory and forgivenes to every body whit you"re friend and family.
but it not for me it"s lik dark indpendent .nothink special and nothink sureprice..
foe give me..lord
for give me my god
the trial is hard for me
aids and prop me
yaa rab..
my lord and mya good
allah swt

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